Spiritual Paintings
     I have been practicing meditation for a long time and I can tell you for sure - it DOES change one's life. 
     Most of the ideas for my paintings come during meditation. Though I do not always  recognize images that I see for the first time (sometimes it takes a year or two); but if I ask myself the question, longing for an answer, sooner or later it comes. It is one of the most beautiful laws of the Universe.
     It is quite hard to render on paper or canvas spiritual feelings that I have through meditation.
     There was a time, when I quit my painting for  three years. The reason was that I could not find how to render spiritual things onto a two dimensional surface. How can one render something that has no shape?, I was asking myself. How can one show all the Beauty of God's Love and Peace?
I knew, even a tiny sparkle of Gods' glory could inspire millions of people, could bring the love and harmony that they need.
      Sometimes, I am asked to paint for a particular client. Through meditation I find the exact image that that person's spiritual essence needs the most. It helps him to find the way to his true self, to discover something new about him and come to balance and harmony through all stratus of their being.
     The effect is always spontaneous.