Beauty salon wall decoration
                            acrylics on the wall, London, 2010

This is modern manicure and pedicurebeauty salon in Peckham Rye in South of London where most of the clients areoriginally from Africa. That is why I decided to use bold colours for thedesign. Completion of work in 2 working days.

Staircase Murals 
                         acrylics on the walls, Germany, 2010

My client had a very plain and boring staircase for 4 levels in their house. We decided to create a special atmosphere in their private space.  You can see some fragments of murals in before and after effect. 


                          Terrace Murals

                        acrylics on a board, 2010

These murals was painted outdoors on a fences of a terrace witch made a dramatic change for a whole view of the house.   I decided to use Trompe L'oeil technique to create an illusion of open space.  You can see on a pictures before and after effect. I spent 5 days to complete this project.



                       Murals for Nursery

                                                 Felt on board, 2007

This art work has been produced for a lovely couple (my private clients from France). They wanted me to produce a mural for their new born baby  boy. The mural must be with  images of the country-side of southern  France with the  Alps in the background to remind to the clients of their mother land. With my friend and colleague Anna Kononenko I offered an idea of  murals made from soft fabric – felt on a board. All small images like animals, birds and insects were produced independently and had stickers on the back for an ability to play with them and to move around  the board sticking them in different positions.



                 Murals for children room

                                          270cm x 240 cm, 2010


My client - 5 years old boy from Germany who really loves rabbits. He chose a style of the painting and took a part in the process. His parents wanted to create a friendly atmosphere in their son's room. Work  completion in three working days.

Set design

One of my clients is the London Youth Ballet school.  For several years now, they have asked me to produce stage decoration for their performances. This backdrop was hand painted  by me and my colleague Anna Kononenko for the ballet show “Nutcracker” in 2006. It was my first time that  I had to work in such a large scale. The measurements of the backdrop are 8.5 meters wide by 5 meters high.