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Children's letters

Here are letters from children living in a orphan house № 2Oktyabrskoye.

They are writing to Santa abouthow friendly they are and what their behavior is in the classroom. They tell howthey dream about presents, but most of them are very modest and do not askanything.   Some children concern about Santa’s health andsend him best wishes. Two boys were very honest in their letters telling thatthey have been not good students and they behaved badly in the classroom. Theseboys were promising to Santa to change and do the best in the future.


Please let me know by an e-mail for whom you wish to make apresent.  Please remember we have a veryshort time till 5th of December for the latest collection of your presents. Do notforget to write to a special child, a unique letter from you! I am sure they will treasure it!

Enjoy being a Santa!

We asked boys from Rehabilitation center Aliaudy to write a letter about their dreams and wishes. As a result we were very surprised to know that most of the boys are dreaming of their own family and home. Unfortunately we get only 33 out of 63 letters  from them.

Наши дети

Пожалуйста, выберите ребенка, которому в хотите сделать подарок. Не забудте сообщить мне через имайл, кому вы делаете подарок. Напишите ребенкуписьмо от Санты, то есть от вас. Примеры писем найдите в Santas letters.

Незабудьте включить в ваш подарок минимум £3 на пересылку, пожалуйста.

Для мальчиков реабилитационного центра мы шлем вещи. Но я очень прошувсех желающих написать им поздравительные открытки тоже! Мы купим им сладости ивручим ваши письма!