Children Illustration

Khalif - Stork

During my study in university I discovered my flair for making illustrative children’s books.
I have written and illustrated a ‘Fairy-tale’ story 'Chalif-Stork' which based on a story by William Hauff (1802-1827) ‘How the King of Baghdad Became a Stork’. I have modified and rewritten the story to make it suitable for the readers of age 7 to 10 years old.
  The story is about the King of Baghdad and his servant. They get transformed into Storks by trick of an evil magician. Unfortunately, they forgot the magic words, which could return them back into human.They flew to a far away place in search of  some power to restore them back into human state again.

Play with the mirror. Illustration in the book uses a new technique for the UK which involves the using of a paper-mirror to find the hidden images within an illustrations. In order to discover a hidden image the reader must to adjust the mirror perpendicular to the paper at the certain angle. The objective is to involve an element of game in the reading process and make it more of fun.
I would like to publish the book and currently looking for a publisher.

Dog's life

‘Dog’s life’ is a children’s pop-up movable book based on a poem written by my son Daniel Bedrenko in age of 12. I illustrated the poem and created movable technique using a paper engineering. It was a time I discovered movable books which I never had in my childhood and get a big fun of them. I have a great amount of them in my private collection now.